Services & Facilities

Rest Easy Knowing Your Mare is Safe and Comfortable with Swirl Brand. 


Mare Accommodation

Your dry mare or mare/foal will each have their own panel pen while staying with us. Off the ground feeders are in every pen. NO shared water bowls here. Each pen has their own water trough. Salt is provided in every pen. If your mare requires special feed we ask that you bring that with her.

Onsite Artificial Insemination

Collection and AI are included in our Stallion Fee. Our Fantastic Reproduction Vet is only 15 minutes away and travels to us. We do not haul client mares/foals. Our Breeding Barn is heated and humidity controlled. Each Box stall has the luxury of Comfort mats and a fan as well as a real time camera that is linked directly to my cell phone. If your mare/foal is in the barn it's like a 5 Star Hotel! 


Shipped Cooled/Frozen Semen

QSC has excellent quality semen. Shipping cooled semen requires a minimum of 24 hours notice. Please reach out for details on Frozen Semen. We may have Frozen coming to a Vet Clinic near you!