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Foaling Supplies Checklist

**Foaling in straw bedding is preferable to shavings. As shavings can be inhaled by the foal. **

  • Clean bucket.

  • Watch to time each stage of labor.

  • Clean tail wrap material.

  • Flashlight.

  • Several large, clean towels.

  • Mild iodine or Chlorhexidine solution for disinfecting the foal’s navel. We prefer Chlorhexidine. Never dip the navel in Alcohol.

  • Sodium phosphate enema for the foal. You can order these on Amazon.

  • Halter and lead rope for mare.

  • Mild soap to wash the mare’s vulva and hindquarters. Ivory soap is a good one.

  • Wash the mares bag with clean water. Gently.

  • Sealable plastic 5-gallon bucket or rubbermaid toolbox to store all of the foaling supplies. Leave bucket near the stall door.

  • Personally we highly suggest a Probiotic Paste for newborn foals given on Day 1 & 4.

  • Optional is a Umbilical clamp for the foals stump.

  • Vets Phone Number as well as Reputable Breeder you trust

  • Frozen Colostrum or a known source nearby.

  • Bute or Banomine (orally) to be given to mare post foaling to prevent foal founder. No harm in prevention. Maiden mares may stand better for nursing as well.

  • Good Quality Foal Blanket.

  • RECORD the Number of days your mare carried her foal. From last breeding date until foaling. Often mares will be consistent in their gestation from year to year. ie) 346 days 

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