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Forever & Ever. Amen.


   Rusty and I have been married for 10 years. We were married at the beautiful setting of the Bar U Ranch in Longview, Ab.

Raising horses & our 3 boys are what we are most passionate about. I have found heaven on Earth, to have my boys and horses and live this life every day.  The methods that I apply to training my horses I also apply to teaching my kids and running our business. Be kind, have integrity, and be consistent.

Ask, insist, reward. 

  I took my first outside horse for training when I was 12. Winning several Hi Point Awards in Gymkhana in Show & Speed events on horses I had trained along the way. Plus 3 Amateur Queen titles. After High School I took a Horsemanship Major in College through NAIT. Went on to Complete my Rider Levels and Learn To Teach through Equine Canada.  

   I longed to become a Rodeo Queen and Southern Alberta called to me. In 2007 I was crowned Miss Rodeo Okotoks. I went on to win the coveted Horsemanship award, the Public Speaking, Rodeo Knowledge exam, the Personality Award and ultimately the 2009 Miss Rodeo Canada title. Travelling from rodeo to rodeo and jumping on different horses was educational in its own right.  Placing in several short rounds with Doc Beduino Cash during her Derby years. Jump jockeying Hesa Instrumnet to win the JDP Classic in 2010.  Then buying a few off the track horses and starting them on the pattern to resell was also an educational piece of my career as a trainer.

   All of it led Rusty and I to decide that we needed to raise a specific kind of horse. We felt like the industry was breeding for specifics and losing the all around athlete that keeps a cool head and can go from the pasture to the arena and be an all rounder, competitive, and still a family horse.

Thus our motto, Keeping the Quarter Horse Versatile was born. It wasn't until later when Quick Smart Cat came into our lives that our dreams truly began to come together.  

  Conner, Colson and Westin are my whole world. Just another reason why I need to raise Versatile, good minded horses. I want horses that my boys can calf, team rope or steer wrestle on, that I barrel race and that we

ALL can win on. Proud to say, here we are doing just that!


   Rusty grew up West of Claresholm on his family guest ranch, Lucasia Ranch Vacations. He met people from all over the world and if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Rusty you will quickly realize that he was born a people person. As genuine as can be. Always smiling.

   Rusty is a handy trick roper, team roper, the guy you want at your branding, steer wrestler, and he calf roped some too! I'm his biggest fan!! He went to Silver State Finals in High School and was the Alberta Champion Team Roper. 

   Naturally he excelled in public speaking and went through the ranks of 4H Beef. Showing the occasional Longhorn along the way, he has always had an appreciation for these Texas bovines. 

   Rusty knew he wanted to raise horses from a young age and bought his first stallion from the Bar U Ranch at Longview. Where we were married, ironic. A cow-bred stallion named Whiz Prescription. From there we bought a running bred stallion Brick Bye Brick. Finally in February of 2018 the stars aligned and we bought Quick Smart Cat. Rusty will receive his 20 year Breeders Certificate from AQHA in 2024. Rusty has been a Lifetime AQHA member since 2004 and I have been since 2008. I guess you could say raising Quarter Horses is something we are passionate about!

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